Story Around the Web: Week 1 Roundup

Welcome to the first ever link roundup for The Adventure of Story! I realized I read a ton of articles and connect with other writers every week, why don't I share what I find? It's time to stop being selfish and see if I can help you find something useful too! 

Every week I will try and find a little diversity for you. There will be some writing help, storytelling tips, short stories, and creative inspiration from all over the internet. 

So let's get started! 


How to start building an audience when you don't have an audience yet

This amazingly helpful article is the inspiration for these link roundups. Author Sagi Shrieber goes over what made his projects successful and how you can apply those techniques to your writing, art, whatever it may be. I've read a ton of click bait surface, level crap on how to promote your work and gain a following. This article tells actual practical advice and throws in a little marketing philosophy in there too. 


4 Free Places to Find Stock Photos for Your Niche Blog

We all know some of the more popular stock photo libraries, like Pixabay, but author Rachel Guyah shows us some other options. With her help, you might be able to find that photo we haven't already seen a million times at the tops of articles. It's a link roundup to a link roundup...Linkception!  


Magazine Query Letter: What Should You Include 

As I try to get some of my short stories published in magazines and online journals, this article was a short and sweet breakdown of what editors are looking for from your query letters. It can be a little daunting putting your hard work and love out there to be judged and valued but the query writing doesn't need to be a headache, and author Brian Klems is here to help. 


Some Inspiration 

My mom visited this week here in Nashville, Tennessee. We checked out the Johnny Cash Museum and I was reminded the power of this song. If you have read my short stories, they trend on the depressing side, so other art that feeds into that usually gets me thinking. If you are like me then this might inspire some new ideas.