Story Around the Web: Week 2 Roundup

Week of May 14th

Welcome to the second week of my weekly roundups that bring some interesting, and hopefully, helpful articles to your attention. This week we have some good practical advice for those tackling their creative writing projects and some more marketing tips. You can see where I have been focusing lately! I also have a story for you and some music to write to. 

5 Simple Steps to Help You Start Writing Your First Book

The Write Life has some amazing resources and this article is just one of the many that can  help a writer with their craft. The author, Kristen Pope has some great advice to take on the challenge of writing a book. Especially in the first attempt, writing a novel can be a truly daunting venture. She breaks down some strategies that can help the process be done in manageable chunks. 

4 Short Lessons on the Subject of Short Stories

Writers Digest is another great resource, for some advice to get your creative projects going. In this article, Jessica Strawser gives a few quick reasons how short stories can help you as a writer. This actually got me thinking about flash fiction specifically, and finding quicker ways for me to weave stories into the website here! So, it might be some inspiration for you too.

How to do content marketing when you can't do content marketing

Oh, Medium. It has been an interesting place to write and find other writers. I keep finding some gems of articles, though, and I am always looking to improve my marketing game. Working a full-time job, editing a book, running a website and co-hosting a podcast, that has its own set of articles, has been a task. Author Tris Hussey has some humorous yet very helpful advice on marketing the content you create in realistic ways for us average workin' folk. 

Evil 101

Speaking of short stories, here is one to check out. Author Jim Dyar (otherwise known as Dr. Disturbias) writer a little piece of fiction in the second person. It's not often you see this in creative fiction like this, and he does it well with some humorous fourth wall breaking banter.

The Sound of Writing

I had initially posted a few songs back in the logs of the I like the sound of that, logs of the blog...anyway, I wanted to share some songs I listen to while writing and maybe give some new favorites to you while you create, work, relax, whatever. I'll include a few songs in these roundups for inspiration, every once in a while. Enjoy! 

The Sound of Writing #1