Story Around the Web: Week 3 Roundup

Week of May 21

Welcome to week three of Story Around the Web! This week, I found something for the creators out there chasing their dreams, a story about an author finding an agent, some links to submit to magazines, a short story, plus some inspiration. Enjoy!


When Dreaming Becomes Doing, Magic Happens 

This article has some amazing things to say about just getting up and doing the work that needs to be done to fulfill your dreams. They won't happen on their own, and author Blake Powell, both holds you accountable and inspires all at the same time. 


How I Got My Agent: Author Michael Haspil 

The task of getting published is a big one, to say the least. It's overwhelming, and even if you are being realistic about it, you are probably still being naive. Michael Haspil worked hard and took years to finally break through and get published. He lays down some realistic expectations for what it takes, while showing it can, in fact, be done. Plus, he is wearing a Mass Effect jacket in his picture, reason enough to include his article. 


Get Paid to Write Articles: 10 Magazines that Pay $500 or More

It takes a long time to get an agent and publisher, even if you have a killer story that will be in demand. So what can you do in the meantime? Take those short stories and think pieces and get paid, of course! Here are some great links to help you find just where that can happen. 


The Machine of the Devil

A little haunting, surreal, all with beautifully descriptive language. A short story that creates real feeling and the sense of a greater world in a very small amount of words. Author Maria Haskins does a fantastic job and you should take five minutes to enjoy this one!


The Sound of Writing #2

I realize everyone has a unique way of getting focused and creating. I find soundtracks and instrumental works when I write, usually something relaxing to keep the distractions away. Stephen King listens to Metallica and creates a wall of sound to turn off the world for a little bit. With that inspiring me this week, I thought I would go in a more metal direction, still without lyrics because that always throws me off, but something to write to nonetheless. 

Sound of Writing #2

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