Story Around the Web: Week 4 Roundup

Week of May 28th

This week the roundup focuses heavily on storytelling and the beautiful art of just getting it done. Features this week include what makes a good story, the fundamentals of writing, some great encouragement, and, as always, a little inspiration.


Writing Fiction: A Good Story Must Be Disturbing  

This is such a great article on the very nature of conflict. I don't think there's a lot of people that think of story this way and it's a fresh examination of what makes narrative compelling. Author Mark Rubinstein pulls from his own experience as a physician and psychiatrist. 


11 Rules of Writing-Common Mistakes [& Fixes]

It always pays to examine and re-examine your writing method. God knows I will forever be fixing the passive voice. Author Donna Norton showcases some key strategies to help you be a better writer, as informative as it is visually appealing! 


5 Compelling Reasons You Need to (Finally) Write Your Story

If you need a shot of encouragement to get you writing, then this is the article for you. Author Julie Elise Landry makes some powerful arguments on why you should stop waiting and dive into those ideas floating around in your head. 



No More Pescatarianism by Jennifer Todhunter

When flash fiction is done right, it can be an amazing thing because there can be so much emotion in such a short amount of time. This one hits something deep, sad, and so human. 

Sound of Writing

Here are a few more tracks to get you lost in your writing. 

Sound of Writing #3